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Empowering our Children & Young People

Our Goals

BeeMe – Be The Real Me,

not the ME my friends want me to be, not the ME my family wants ME to be, but the ME I was born to be.

the me

I want to Be

Bee Me

BeeMe specialises in Personal Development for children and young people.

Building a positive self-image with strong self-confidence and inner self belief is crucial to leading a successful life. We intend to support our children and young people by educating them how to think and reason for themselves, to take control of their thoughts and educate them in the knowledge that their thoughts, control their feelings which, control their action and ultimately the results they achieve in their lives.

Our children and young people are facing a world of challenge and adversity, our mission at BeeMe is to enable and empower them to embrace the challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning. We want each one of them to live the lives they really want and get the results they really want to get where their dreams and aspirations become the reality. To achieve this, we need them to take control of their thoughts and get to know who they really are.



Join us for our next workshop.  Give your child the opportunity to understand how to be their best self and to grow in confidence and development a positive, resilient mindset.



Join a BeeMe camp

Join us for an exciting and fun camp and learn all about a positive mindset.


BeeMe Parents matter

BeeMe does not only provide support for kids, we have can also help parents utilise simple tools to further support their children.

BeeMe App

Coming Summer 2020

Our fantastic BeeMe App is coming soon to provide daily interactive support to every BeeMe kid.

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