Our Founders


BeeMe is so special because it is the first of its kind. The focus for the Personal Development industry has been on adults, helping them to shift their paradigms so that they can live the life they really want and be the person they really want to be. However, no one has connected that these adults paying for the personal development training were once children, who if having been exposed to this learning at a young age may already be living the life they want to live.


There is a huge demand for positive mental health and well-being products which again is being accessed by adults.  The services that our children need to access once they have “hit the crisis of poor mental health” are in high demand and under resourced.


BeeMe will provide the skills, understanding and knowledge that will prevent young people from reaching this crisis point. The learning from BeeMe will be in their very fabric, their core of being as they grow into adulthood, reducing the levels of anxiety, trauma and poor mental health that they are currently suffering.


Millions of young people across the world are not living the life they want to live, they are not free to BE ME, because they do not know who ME is and they do not have the knowledge to control how their environment influences their thoughts and self-image. 


BeeMe will change this for every young person.

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Katrina Crilly

Katrina Crilly, married to husband Adrian and mum of Caelan and Taylor, trained at Ulster University studying Applied Biochemical sciences and later completed a PGCE at Queens University Belfast. Katrina entered the teaching profession as a Science teacher in 2000 and has fulfilled many roles including Head of Science and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. She pursued further educational research in the completion of Masters at Queens University Belfast and was selected in 2012 as one of eight Fellowships awarded by General Teaching Council NI, working at Queens University.


  Passionate about educating the whole child, Katrina has overseen a number of important developments in her career to date including restorative practices in education, thinking skills, habits of mind and most recently has created and developed a pioneering new subject called Mental and Emotional Education.  Katrina is passionate about educating young people on how to regulate emotions, develop a positive self-image, strong self-belief and controlling their minds to achieve positive results in their lives.

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Cliona O'Hara

My Journey And Me


My distinct accent is a tell-tale sign that I have been on a journey from one land to another. Born and raised in Derry, Northern Ireland until the age of 18 I always had a calling for adventure and opportunity, and it was at this stage in my life I took a huge leap of faith and went in chase of the American Dream. A little Irish girl lost in the big city of New York awaiting my immigration papers is where I learned so many life lessons and character building. At the age of 27 I stumbled upon a movie “The Secret” which would eventually change my life and my direction. 


This movie for me was a “beginning” an “Awakening” if you will. I had opened my eyes to a whole new world of self-belief, ambitions and possibilities. At the age of 29 I opened my first business which was a Health Care Call Centre. Alongside this I worked for a Healthcare Administration Business which was family run and set up by my Mother in New York. Whilst I found great business acumen and skillset in my work, it took its tole on me. The corporate pace and stress fuelled environment was not my fit so I sold my shares in the family business and sold my own business. This was an important and pivotal moment for me in my life where I would embark on a journey of self-discovery and promise. 


Life As Mom


From the beginning of life as I know it until now, I have never known fulfilment like being a mom. Being wife to my husband Dr Frank Dos Santos, and Mother to our gorgeous and amazing children and brought me happiness like no other and for this I am eternally blessed and grateful. The life we share together is precious and I value this every day. 


My Vocation 


There came a point for me personally, where I had reached that feeling of fulfilment and happiness and these feelings are what I embrace and evoke everyday in life. Drawing on my previous experiences and knowledge of “The Secret” as well as the process of life which had led me to this point, spurred me on to find my true passion in life. Helping others. I thought, what if I can pass on these feelings that I’m feeling? What if I can help others to feel joy, hope and happiness whatever their environment or circumstance? So, in 2019, alongside my business partner Chiara I set up a company; “Joy In The Workplace” whose sole aim was to bring and implement productivity and joy into the workplace. This was my fit. The gratification and sense of fulfilment in helping others became a part of me. I knew I could do this, loved doing it and I did not want to stop here. I knew that feeling of being in a corporate environment and feeling stressed, overworked and unfulfilled and being able to approach and work with individuals and groups who were in the same position and offer them a road to productivity and happiness in their role was life changing.


I wanted to do more. In the Secret; Bob Proctor was the clear definitive practitioner for me. I got in touch with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and trained in becoming a PGI Consultant. The programmes set by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher are some of the most effective and efficient I have ever seen and I was thrilled to become a part of it and be able to offer coaching to clients in both the U.S and Ireland. I recently was promoted within this company to Senior Coach and Account Executive which now enables me to offer some of the most elite personal development programmes PGI has to offer. Working alongside these esteemed colleagues has been a huge ambition of mine and I have learned so many invaluable skills and ideologies that I cannot wait to share with more and more clients whether personal or in a group setting. 


I know in my heart  we will instill a new light of positivity and belief for our children. 


My journey has come with its teachings, its blessings and its life changing moments and I for one would not change any of it. I am at this point in my life where I am seeing my dreams come to reality. I am helping others to see THEIR dreams and make them a reality. My work is not work for me anymore, it is my passion and I feel incredibly lucky to wake up everyday to the life I have and to be able to share my teachings that will help my clients achieve the life they too want. It is my pleasure and my honour. The world is ours and we can think it into whatever we want it to be. And together, we are making it happen.